Repairing Old Locks

Many homes have old locks that are classic or unique to the home.  Rather than a new replacement lock why not repair or simply rekey the old lock?

Many locks can be easily fixed so that they work reliably and many times this is more cost-effective than replacement.  Also, replacing a lock can be wasteful!  Many old locks are very tasteful and have a rich feel and look to them. 

Rocky Mountain Security Group is the type of locksmith company that not only installs new locks… we can repair your old locks too.  Give us a call we can usually tell by the brand if it is worth repairing.  Also, you may want to email or SMS a picture of the lock.  This can be very helpful!

We serve

repair old lock locksmith

We can repair old locks! 303-424-4942

Boulder and Denver and the surrounding cities.  Give us a chance to restore your lock or door.  Many times they still work great and can be an enhancement to your home.

Rocky Mountain Security Group




2 Comments on “Repairing Old Locks”

  1. Aubri says:

    How old is this lock.? Cause I found one in the river near my house and it looked very interesting.

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