Automotive Locksmith: All about replacement car keys

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Classic Car Keys:  Classic Car Keys are keys made by locksmiths from the 1940’s to the 1980’s.  Most professional locksmiths can make a key for the car by impressioning the ignition or by reading the ignition.  We can also make a working key from a broken or worn key.  Many of these keys are available; just contact us if you need a key.

Motorcycle Keys:  Most lost motorcycle keys can be made by a quality locksmith.  We can use the ignition method mentioned above as well as reading the ignition and other methods.  If you have a lost or broken key for your motorcycle please give us a call!  Examples are Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki motorcycles.

Modern Car Keys:  Many modern car keys from the 1980’s until 2000 can be made fairly easy by a top-notch locksmith.  These key blanks are readily available, and can be made to replace lost or broken car keys for many foreign and domestic models.  Some vehicles from this time period have a separate key for the door locks, trunk, and glove box.  We can help you with your replacement key!

Transponder Keys:  This encompasses transponder keys, chip keys and VATS keys.  These keys require a special programming device so that they will work with your specific vehicle.  Not every locksmith can replace these keys due to the expensive equipment.  We can program keys, copy keys, or originate keys.  Keys can also be made to just unlock doors.  Also, we can make a working key from a broken or worn key.  Just call us for prices!

Factory Remote Programming:  Replacement remotes can be programmed and replaced.  We can special order many brands and makes of remote or we can program the remote you have already.  Contact us for help with remote programming.  We can help with many makes including Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Chrysler, and many foreign/imports.

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